• Tips on Installing Laminate Flooring

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    If you are looking for a durable alternative to carpet, wood or vinyl flooring then laminate flooring can be a fantastic choice. With hundreds of different floor laminates designed to look exactly like timber or other floor materials you will be sure to find a type of laminate that suits your home.

    A set of installation instructions should come with your set of floor laminates. This is important reading because floor laminates can vary slightly between manufacturers and you will want to make sure that you stick close to any specific instructions or tips they set down for their product.

    With that said, there are a few dos and don’ts that applies to almost all types of laminate flooring. Here are some of them:

    - Fully investigate the style and type of laminate flooring that you are intending to install. Make sure you fully understand what is required to install them and that you feel comfortable that you are capable of carrying out the required tasks.

    - Your floors should be level and flat, and any dips or bumps in your floors need to be filled in or flatten before you place down the floor laminates.

    - The laminate flooring should be placed on floors that move or shift under foot. These spots on your floor will need to be repaired before you lay down the flooring on top.

    - Measure your room first. You need to make sure that you will have enough and the right lengths and widths of laminates before you begin. The instructions from the manufacturer will help you will this and will tell you how you need to cut any laminates to fit the length and breadth of your room.

    - Measure twice. Before you cut any boards make sure you have at least measured it twice. Use a pencil to mark on the underside the correct length and double check this before your start to cut. This way you won’t quickly run out of boards because you end up making too many mistakes.

    - Check your measurements. Are you seeing a pattern? Don’t assume that you have measured correctly the first time. Double and triple check all your measurements.

    - When cutting the laminates be sure to do outside or in an area which has good ventilation, and make sure you wear a breathing mask. The cutting of laminate Flooring board can create a lot of find dust that can cause respiratory problems.

    - Leave the laminate board inside the room for a few days. As they can expand or contract with the temperature and humidity this will allow them to acclimatize to the particular room and stop them shifting as much when they are laid down.

    - Because of this expanding and contradicting phenomena it is important that you leave ½ inch gap between the walls and any obstacles like stairs or door frames. This will allow the flooring to expand or contract as needed as the seasons and temperature change.

    These are just a few quick tips to help you learn more about installing laminate flooring. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions to learn more.

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    • I am looking for tips on installing laminate wood flooring. Anyone out there had any experience with this?
      We have a kit with spacers, a pulling type tool and a rubber block to protect the wood when we use a hammer to push them together. How useful are the tools?

    • This site has some tips and a guide on how to install a laminate floor. There are other ‘projects’ so if it is not helpful take a look around. G L

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    • its what is classed as a floating floor,,,the whole thing is prepared so all u need to do is cut the ends of one board per line of boards so it fits across the room,,,then the off cut piece is used to start the next row of boards,,the spacers are needed(against the wall) so that the floor(when finished)has room to expand..the boards them selves are glued together,but not fixed to the floor(that’s why its called floating)u need the tools to completely close up the tongue and groove joints in the boards(this is also where the glue goes)..its quite simple really,,,have fun..
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    • You more than likely don t have a glue together flooring. They stopped making them several years ago. Yours "clicks" and will lock itself together.. 1 st start as to which way you want to run the flooring..Usually it s the longest site line but is personal prefrence. Lay out 1 row of your underlayment foam..Using the spacers to create a 1/4 inch space along the wall you choose is best.Snap together 1 row end to end..You can use the end cut to start the next row if the seams are approx 12 inches from each other.Lay out next row w/ a friend to help and you can snap 1 row in all at once.. Use the tap block to insure they snap together completely ( you ll be able to tell) Same w/ the 3 rd row. It takes 3/4 rows before it realativly stable to work with…Once you get the hang of it , it s farly easy.. Cut off and under door casings and door jams to slide laminatr under.. Use a handsaw and a scrap pc of laminate and foam to get thickness Trim out room w/ shoe molding or reapply base molding after your done GL
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      20 years as store owner/ installer

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