• The House Looks Pretty Nice

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    home improvement ideas The idea is pretty simple. I am trying to do those things that maximize the curb appeal and the sale price of the house. The idea all along was to buy it, build up some equity and then turn it over for a profit after we got it fixed up. I have remodeled the kitchen and the bathrooms myself and just this weekend I put down a driveway seal coating to make it look a lot better. Of course we put up vinyl siding on the trim of the house for two reason. The house is brick, but the windows and eaves are wood originally and that is a bit of a pain to pain. In particular I would hate to paint the eaves because you are just moving the ladder every few minutes. I really hate that myself, as it is going to be needed to be done every few years. The house does not need a lot right now.

    In a couple of years it will be time to replace the roof, but that is not a pressing issue.

  • We Had a Stream Flowing in Our Basement

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    home improvement ideas I took a basket of laundry down into the basement on the third rainy day we had in the early spring. The concrete floor had a little stream of water from the block wall at the back of the house to the floor drain in the center. It was enough water that I could hear it flowing down the drain. It settled in a low spot of the floor too. It was nowhere near the washer and dryer so I started the clothes and went back upstairs to search for a place that does wet basement repair in toronto.

    What else was I going to do? There is nothing I can do to fix the problem on my own. I just wanted it fixed before the basement wall started to crack or bow in. I also did not want mold to start growing in the basement due to all the moisture and the weather getting warmer. Mold needs moisture, warmth and a food source to grow. The food source is the wood and other organic materials in your house.

    The repair company I called came out and inspected for the cause of the water. One of the main things was how the ground had settled around the house.

  • Replacing My Old Patio with One Made of Quality Brick

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    home improvement ideas One aspect of my backyard I really wasn’t happy with was the porch that I had. The wood was very hard to maintain over the years, as it was rotting, breaking down, and needed a lot of care. I decided that the deck had seen better days, and I wanted to rip it out and replace it with a brick patio. I had never done something like that before on my own, and I wanted to make sure that it was done correctly. Thankfully a neighbor was able to recommend a barrington brick patio company which he had worked with in the past. They did an amazing job on his patio, and I definitely thought they could do just as good of a job with mine.

    I had them come out to my home and give me an estimate on how much it would cost to replace porch with a new brick patio. I was glad to hear that they would even remove the old porch for me, so I didn’t need to worry about it.

  • I Am Now Living in My Own Home

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    home improvement ideas I was finally able to afford to buy my own home. I was able to move out of the trailer park and sell the mobile home. I do feel this home will need some security measure though so have been checking out besthomesecurity.net to see what would work well here. I got a good deal and my hope is that once I have it all fixed up we can sell it for a profit and maybe move out of state. I live in Colorado and have been wanting to move to Oregon but this is hard to do when your job is in Colorado.

    Can’t really get a loan for a house out of state if you wont have a job once you move.

  • Great Companies for Installing Quality Shutters

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    I have started doing the work that will be required to repair this house that I own, but which I do not currently live in. My family used to live in it, up until a few years ago. We had another house built for us, and we have been living there comfortably ever since. However, I was planning on renting my old house out, but that never came to fruition. As such, I am planning to sell it instead, and I am currently looking for los angeles shutters companies right now. One of the first projects that I have for repairing the house is to put new shutters on it.

    I am hoping to be able to get the repairs done pretty quickly; but at the same time, I do not think that I have enough money saved up to complete all the repairs at one time right now.

  • Why You Should Go for Wood Shutters

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    Window shutters are one of the home fixtures that are both functional and decorative at the same time. It is therefore important that when choosing shutters, whether interior or exterior, that we consider the material and the design for it. For sure, there are a lot of choices when it comes to the material but one of the safest choices would be wood orange county shutters as they are durable and aesthetically flexible as well.

    As wood is a very versatile material, it is easy to find a design that would fit in any set up. If you’re going for an earthy, natural feel, it is easy to find wood shutters with a design that would fit in or even enhance that ambiance. If you prefer an old-timey Victorian motif, there are also wood shutters that are Victorian-era themed that would go perfectly with that set up. Or if you want a modern or contemporary theme, you won’t find it difficult to find wood shutters that would fit your desired style. If you are looking for eco-friendly wood shutters, there are those that offer wooden furniture and fixtures that are made from farmed wood or driftwood and not from wood cut from its natural habitat in the forests and for certain they would also have wood shutters available.

    With wood’s flexibility and versatility as a raw material, you won’t have a shortage of options. You will surely find a design or style that would fit your taste and needs. You can also be assured that it would be durable. If your worry is termites or moisture doing damage to the wood, furniture makers for certain have taken precautions for that and have treated their products accordingly. There are also types of wood that are naturally resistant to those mentioned so there is really nothing to worry about in that area. So if you are thinking of getting new shutters, wood shutters would be your best bet.

  • Good Deals on New Dewalt Table Saws

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    I am looking to buy a new Dewalt table saw in the near future, and I want to be able to make sure that I get a pretty good price on one, so I am looking for deals right now offered by different retailers on the Internet. I am looking for a good deal on a certain model of table saw to be more specific; I am looking for deals on a dewalt dw744xrs table saw right now, and I hope I can find the lowest price available.

    I am going to buy it is as a gift for my dad for Christmas this year, and I thought that I would go ahead and look for some deals because Thanksgiving is next week, and as such, Black Friday is obviously about to come up.

  • Wood flooring installation

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    flooring This short video shows how to install solid wood flooring onto a concrete base using Rewmar MS Polymer flexible adhesive. This adhesive is so easy to use and contains no solvents. Perfect for sticking down both solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood Flooring. For more information please vist the website www.rewmar.co.uk

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  • Misc Hacked HVAC Installs and Repairs!

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    hvac This is a photo slide show of some very hacked installs and repairs done by a local Phoenix, AZ HVAC company.

    This company pay This is a photo slide show of some very hacked installs and repairs done by a local Phoenix, AZ HVAC company.

    This company pays the techs COMMISSION based on the “revenue” they bring in. That’s why these “salestechs” would just do the quickest and sloppiest work you will ever see! AND they will sell the customer a bunch of USELESS junk like Surge Supressors and Zerol Ice and have NO CLUE how to properly diagnose the REAL problems!

    The Inistallers are NOT paid by the hour. They are paid “Piece Work”!
    That means they got a fixed price to change out Hvac equipment!
    Do you think they will take the time to do the job properly? To code? Heck. The installers were not even TRAINED to install much of the equipment that the company was selling!

    The commercial work was completely out of their league. Yet the company would take commercial jobs just to go after the almighty dollar!

    During regular meetings and training. The techs at this company were never given any real TECHNICAL training to properly diagnose and repair the HVAC equipment. Nope! They were only TRAINED in “How to talk to the customer” so that they could sell Zerol Ice and other “Gimmicks”!

    This company is also being featured in a local Arizona HVAC/R newspaper for the “BBB Ethics Award”!

    What a crock of shit! The BBB is as worthless to a customer as Zerol Ice is for your Air Conditioner!

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  • Asphalt shingles roofing – how to install valley

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    roofing http://www.asphaltshingles.org/ – learn how to install Roofing shingles in the valley. Details for open valley, closed valley, woven shingles valley, and open California valley details.

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  • home improvement – before and after – ikea ideas

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    home improvement ideas Ikea inspired, with the modern contemporary touch. My wife put this together on her own. She is a big fan of Candace Olsen and Vern Yip from HGTV.

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  • The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home

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    building homes video for Radar Festival
    Director – Dmitry Semenov (old name – DimaSemenoff)
    Please, go to my new youtube account for more information:



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